Zasko марки алмазный фонд ссср 1971 цена

Tue Jul 08, Wed Oct 12,

Sehr gute Vor- und Hinterhandwinkelung, gerade Front. Sehr gut gewinkelt in der Vor- чем почистить медную монету Hinterhand. Freies, raumgreifendes Gangwerk mit kraftvollem Nachschub. Black male for sale Male for sale. HD a-normal a1 Sire. Sun Dec 30, Sat Jul 07, Fri Mar 16, No doubt this is brother of sieger.

But there is too much difference between Zamp and Zasko. After all Zamp is a Sieger of and Zasko is non graded dog. If this dog has the potential then this dog should compete in the Sieger show of to prove himself. Tue Jul 08, I am looking for an above average young male of this bloodline Zasko vom Thermodos and out of a GOOD and well bred female Could be a puppy.

Can anyone get me some information? Sun Apr 16, Suhaif and Anu congratulations for your effort to obtain this important dog. I am sure you can improve your breeding so much. Maybe you can tell your story so many others fans of GSD can also be motivated. Do you have the web from german shepherds club in China?

Wed Oct 12, Dear Anu Thank you very much for your good wishes. You know it very well that without you it wasnt possible. You are equally involved in it and my partner in that. Wed Jan 26, Zasko is finally in China! Congratulations to my brother! Wed Dec 15, We have uploded zasko new picture from zasko. He is actually in Spain and if you want to know about him you can visit www.

Wed Sep 22, That seems to be a mutch better pictures of this topp dog, and it looks like he breed very good to. Thu Aug 19, Thu Jul 31, Wed Jun 11, Black longcoat male puppy Weinbergblick line Puppies for sale. Your breeds Edit list. HD a-fast normal a2 Sire. HD a-normal a1 Dam. HD a-fast normal a2 Dam.

The latest Tweets from ZASKO MASTER (@00zask00). Trajimos a sus medios las jergas de las tabernas, eres tú quien cree la gran mentira del progreso, si el culmen del proceso es el regreso a las cavernas. Los albores del shock/. Canal official de zasko master #zaskomaster #cocinandoskills. Zasko Master Grabado y mezclado por Instrumental: