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The coin was created by Laura Gardin Fraserwho became the first woman designer of a coin. The bill originally provided for commemorative quarters but was amended to provide for halves instead. The bill moved quickly through the legislative process and became the Act of May 10,with the signature of President Woodrow Wilson. The half dollars were not issued until Octoberapparently because the initial decision to depict President Wilson, a Democrat, on the coin might be reversed depending on the results of the presidential election.

After Republican Warren G. To boost sales, a symbol, 2X2 recognizing Alabama as the 22nd state was included in the design for a minority of the coins; these are generally more expensive today. Alabama was admitted to the Union inand celebrated its centennial in The Alabama Centennial Commission sponsored local celebrations in the state in andbut was beginning to wind down its operations before it began the push for a centennial coin.

Numismatists Anthony Swiatek and Walter Breen later speculated that the members heard of other states which had received or which sought a commemorative coin, and, out of local pride, wanted the same for Alabama. Incommemorative coins were not sold by the government—Congress, in authorizing legislation, usually designated an organization which had the exclusive right to purchase them at face value and vend them to the public at a premium.

Rainey introduced legislation for an Alabama Centennial 2 копеек 1970 года цена dollar in the House of Representatives on February 28,with the bill designated as H. That committee held hearings on the bill on March 26,as well as on the coinage proposal that would become the Pilgrim Tercentenary half dollarwith the Alabama coin the first order of business.

Congressman Rainey, in his bill, had asked forquarter dollarsand while addressing the committee stated that the sole criticism of his coinage proposal in the Alabama press was one article suggesting he should have asked for double the amount. The choice of denomination came as a surprise to committee member William A. Ashbrook of Ohio, a coin collector, who asked why Rainey was not asking for half dollars, as other states had.

Vestal had two days previously written to Treasury Secretary David F. Houston about the Pilgrim coin, and Houston responded that while his department had not opposed the Maine Centennial previously approved by the committee or Alabama coinage bills, the Treasury had concerns that issuing королевское золото каталог numbers of different designs would aid fraudsters.

When the Alabama bill came to the floor, Vestal yielded time for a statement in favor from Rainey, which began with a brief explanation of the bill followed by a much longer paean to the glorious history of his home state, and his conclusion drew applause. Gard expressed his concerns about commemorative coins, "but for the life of me I can not see what advantage there is for a State celebration to gather up a lot of coins with a particular stamp on them.

It seems to me rather to cheapen the national coin. The following day, April 22,the House notified the Senate of its passage of the Alabama bill. McLean reported it back with a recommendation it pass. Smoot, however, stated if the bills had not been reached by about 2: McLean replied that as the three coin bills were to mark ongoing anniversaries, there was a need to have them authorized and get the production process started.

All three bills passed the Senate without opposition [13] and the Alabama bill was enacted with the signature of President Woodrow Wilson on May 10, Alabama Governor Thomas Kilby had a three-member commission headed by Marie Bankhead Owen decide what design the state should recommend for the coins, and it solicited proposals from the public, but rejected all submissions. Kilby sent the proposal, which included rough sketches, to the Director of the MintRaymond T.

Bakerwho forwarded it to the Commission of Fine Arts for its opinion. Its sculptor-member, James Earle Fraserdesigner of the Buffalo nickeldisliked the capitol as a subject, feeling that buildings never translated well to coins. When this went back through channels to Owen, her committee reconsidered the building, and on June 24 she wrote to Baker substituting a design based on the Seal of Alabamafocused upon the eagle that was then a part of it, and if that was not acceptable, Owen suggested the design of the half dollar current in There the matter rested for an entire year.

Swiatek and Breen described the Alabama half dollar as caught up in the presidential election ofas a Republican administration might not be willing to put the Democrat Wilson on a coin, or might insist on the new incumbent appearing, something likely to dampen sales in Alabama, part of the Democratic Solid South. Hardingwon the election and was inaugurated in March On June 29,Owen wrote to Baker, suggesting a new pair of honorees for the coin: Cartoonist Frank Spangler of the Montgomery Advertiser prepared sketches of the new design.

In so appearing, Kilby became the first living person depicted on a U. David Bowers wrote that the portrayal caused contemporary comment, for the position of the federal government excepting some paper money issues of the 19th century was that living people should not appear on U. The X in that inscription alludes to the St. The date, the names of the governors, and various other wordings appear towards the rim of the obverse.

The reverse features an eagle, possessing arrows and a shield, but no olive branch to symbolically counter the instruments of war; matched branches and arrows are often present in heraldic depiction of eagles on coins. Bowers complained that the centennial dates on the reverse, plus the for the year of striking, lead to "a bewildering confusion of dates to the casual observer".

The heads of Bibb and Kilby are true, and yet contain more than a touch of 100леталабаме50центов ideal. They are beautifully related to each other. The eagle is equally fine". Art historian Cornelius Vermeule considered the Alabama coin "a good example of the trite motifs, partly real and partly symbolic, that go into one of these statehood commemoratives". Owen already knew of this, and "2X2" was placed on the obverse.

A total of 6, half dollars was struck in Octoberwith six of them placed aside at Philadelphia for inspection and testing at the meeting of the annual Assay Commission. It is uncertain whether these coins bore the 2X2 or not. Official records show that all the coins struck in Пермский звериный стиль картинки were of the 2X2 varietyand this was long accepted by numismatic historians.

However, one coin collector recalled buying two of the half dollars that day, and over fifty later, all of the plain variety, and averred that none of the 2X2 could have been sold in Birmingham on the first day. As Owen wrote that the first 5, received bore the mark, Swiatek concluded that 1, of the October mintage was of the plain variety, all that was for sale in Birmingham.

In December, 64, more were minted, with 38 set aside for assay. These were recorded to be of the plain variety. Both 2X2 and plain coins were struck from the same die; the mark was ground off to allow coinage of plain pieces. Although the 2X2 coins are only a tenth of the total mintage, they are considerably more common than that, as people were aware of their scarcity, with more saved and fewer spent in hard times.

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